5 juni 2016

This is Pan, she will be the first lucky one who will receive an electric wheelchair. She has completed her training but to be able to get to her work and move around her workplace she needs an electric wheelchair. We still need €500,- to make this possible. Thank you all for the €1.400,- we have received so far.

1 Juni 2016


On June 26 2016 Cindy Scheele wil run in Roosendaal 10 Km on behalf of our foundation. You can support her by visting This page.

21 Mei 2016

The first goal of our foundation has been set. We need € 1.900 to buy an electric wheelchair for a disabled student at the Vocational School. A student with severe physical disabilities would be able to become more independent with the use of an electric wheelchair. At the moment you have donated € 1.200. Help us as much as you can so we will achieve our goal. Thank you so much.

6 Mei 2016


Thank you Nordnes Survey and Pilot team for your very generous donation to the foundation. An upload of the Nordnes Pilots team will follow. but they dont have these nice shirts yet.

1 Mei 2016

The Children's home celebrated her 25th anniversary on May 12 2015. Here you can find a video that shows you the background of the Home and the work they do.


17 Maart 2016

Each year on March 17th St. Patrick's day will be celebrated all over the world. In Pattaya they have each year a parade. All donations made during that day will go to the Father Ray Foundation. Besides that the money is urgently needed it's a nice day out for the children as well. They all had a good time.


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